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Send Your Digital Impressions

Macro Dental Lab is dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends in dentistry. With growing interest in intra-oral scanning, we have invested in CAD/CAM and 3D printing technology. With a digital impression, we can either 3D print a dental model OR go directly into the design phase using exocad or 3Shape CAD program. 

Using digital impressions tend to improve precision and fit around the margin. Most reputable oral scanning programs automatically check for undercuts and enable dentists to provide the margin line. Best of all, it saves time and money!

We are fully capable of accepting any open source STL file. Contact our technical team to begin sending digital impressions. 

3D Printer - Shining3D_AccuFabD1

Accufab-D1 by Shining3D is a powerful 3D printer that creates precise dental models.

AoralScan by Shining3D is an easy-to-use, precise, and affordable intra-oral scanner.

AoralScan by Shining3D comes with an intuitive software that produces real-time visual output.

AoralScan by Shining3D typically takes less than 10 minutes to produce full mouth scan.

Looking for a Quality Intra-Oral Scanner?

Interested in Oral Scanners?

The latest trend is moving towards intra-oral scanners. Patients are starting to get curious. You likely have seen dozens of models displayed in trade shows and conferences, but you probably were not confident in the technology yet to invest +$30,000. Look no further. We have a solution for you.

We introduce to you:

   AoralScan by Shining 3D

   Promotional Sale: $13,499

Our technical team recently attended a training event hosted by Shining 3D, and we were truly amazed by this new gadget. First, it is incredibly easy and comfortable to use. Weighing less than 50 grams, it feels natural as it scans the mouth. It typically completes a full mouth scan in less than 5 minutes, so it will be convenient for the patient. Second, it comes with all the necessary design features, including anti-fogging, powerless scanning, portability, and motion-sensing. Lastly, it is highly accurate and precise. Better precision means superior fit.

Switching technology is never easy, but I promise you this is a promising, if not necessary, change. From a lab perspective, we can provide superior quality and fit, quicker turnaround time, and discounted pricing as a direct result of oral scanning. Because we are fully trained in intra-oral scanning, we can assist you directly and help your team get comfortable with the new technology.


If you are interested in test-driving the AoralScan by Shining 3D, please contact our integrated dental supply, MegaDAS, Inc.