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NEW!! Titanium Partial Denture

Partial Denture-0003-Transparent-2.png

Free 2-Day Return Shipping for Out-of-State Clinics

1. Fill Out Rx Form

Request or print prescription form. Fill out the Rx form completely. Please include the following:

  • Basic Identifiers: doctor & patient name, current date, due date

  • Product Description: desired product, teeth #, shade

  • Special requests: material, articulation, fit, etc.

Please allot enough time to return the case back to your clinic. Most cases take 2 business days to ship each way. Generally, our turnaround is 7-10 business days, so please schedule your patient follow-up visit roughly 15 business days after case shipment. We may offer rush service for additional fees.

Prescription slip for Macro Dental La

2. Prepare Your Case

Package the case box securely using layer of foam or bubble wrap at bottom and top of box. Secure impression, model, and bite separately. Use ziploc bags for proper infection control. Then, insert the completed Rx form and securely close the box.​

*Combine multiple cases into the same box to save money on shipping!

For out-of-state clients, we currently do not offer Net 30 billing. Please enclose a check in the box or provide credit card information before shipping the case. We accept VISA and Mastercard. We offer secure, automatic payment system per your convenience. Contact us for more detail.

3. Call Us

Once the case is ready for shipment, give us a call. We will provide further instructions, including prepaid shipping label (upon request).

Call: (240) 474-0303


4. Ship Your Case

We have partnered with UPS & Fedex to ensure prompt and cost-efficient shipping services. You are only responsible for one-way shipping. This means the completed case will be shipped back to you free-of-charge.


You have two options for shipping the case to us:​

  1. Request a prepaid UPS label by email (only $12 per package)

    • Attach the printed UPS label onto the box. Drop off at UPS dropbox OR UPS store.

    • Combine multiple cases into the same box to save money on shipping!

  2. Ship it yourself

    • Address: 10555 Guilford Rd. STE 114, Jessup, MD 20794​

We will return the completed case via FREE 2-day Fedex shipping OR FREE 1-day UPS Ground shipping (MD, PA, DE, VA).

UPS Ground Typical

Transit Schedule

The map shows estimated transit time from US locations to Macro Dental Lab. Please use this map to allot enough work time on the Rx form.

Ex) Shipment from North Carolina takes 2 days to arrive at Macro Dental Lab.

UPS Transit Map
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