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Exclusively by Macro Dental Lab

NEW!! Titanium Partial Denture

Partial Denture-0003-Transparent-2.png

Macro Dental Lab Innovates With The Latest CAD/CAM Technology

1. Scan

The process begins with model or impression scan using the latest 3Shape E4 Scanners. They take hundreds of high resolution images using Blue Light technology to generate accurate replica of the model or impression. Both scanners boast micrometer accuracy and superior scan speed.


AutoScan DS-EX Pro by Shining 3D

Macro Dental Lab.png

2. Design

Our skilled technicians use 3Shape and exocad CAD software to design the tooth. It checks for margin, anatomy, optimal thickness, bite, alignment, and etc. This ensures superior level of precision that is many magnitudes greater than traditional fabrication methods. It also allows us to accommodate individual doctor's unique fit preferences at the micron level.

3. Mill 

Hyperdent go-to CAM program prepares the design file for milling. We are equipped with total of 6 milling machines by Roland, Manix, and Arum. Two are dedicated for titanium implant and partial frame milling. These powerful machines feature 5-axis milling for accurate milling and easy post-processing.

Roland DWX-50

DWX-50 Zirconia Milling by Roland

ZX-5SD Manix

ZX-5SD Zirconia Milling by Manix

Manix MA-4.jpg

MA-4 Ti Custom Abutment Milling by Manix

Arum 5x-200

5X-200 Titanium Milling by Arum

3D Printing Dental Models

Oral Scans Accepted

Digital Impressions and 3D Printing

With 3D printing capability, Macro Dental Lab is able to print dental models, clear nightguards (made using Keysplint Soft), and digital dentures using digital impressions provided by the dentist. We have invested in the Asiga Pro 4K printer to power our digital needs. It is considered the industry standards by leading dental technicians. 


Asiga Pro 4K Printer

Titanium Custom Abutment on 3D Printed M

Implant Case Using 3D Printed Model

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