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Exclusively by Macro Dental Lab

NEW!! Titanium Partial Denture

Partial Denture-0003-Transparent-2.png

5 Reasons Doctors Recommend Our Titanium Partial Dentures

1. Weightless Comfort

Titanium metal is 50% lighter than chrome-cobalt alloy. Patients love the weightless feel and comfort of our partial dentures. The enhanced comfort helps new denture patients adjust to their new lifestyle.​

2. Precise CAD/CAM Fit

Macro Dental Lab fabricates titanium partial dentures using CAD/CAM technology. The process consists of five main steps: 1) scan, 2) design, 3) mill, 4) polish, 5) quality check. The entire process is completed in-house at our Jessup, MD laboratory. Nothing is outsourced. What results is precise, micron-level fit. There is no better alternative.

CAD/CAM Titanium Partial Frame

CAD/CAM precision ensures optimal fit and eliminates the casting of metal.

Titanium Partial Denture

Titanium clasps, due to their superior fatigue strength and retention properties, are less prone to breakage and allow for minor chairside adjustments.

3. Superior Clasps

Titanium clasps are nearly unbreakable. Scientific study by Ahmad & Arafa (2016) indicates titanium clasps offer significant benefits over chrome-cobalt counterparts. Those benefits include high strength-to-weight ratio, higher clinical acceptability, and lower tooth mobility. Superior fatigue strength, longer retention, and semi-flexible property (allows for minor chairside corrections) makes titanium a more suitable metal for removable partial dentures.

4. Designed by Specialist

All of our dentures are crafted individually by our lead tech Richard. He has 35 years of dental laboratory experience with specialization in removable appliances from an accredited institution.

5. 100% Biocompatibility

We use medical quality, grade 5 titanium discs to mill our partial dentures. Titanium is known for its hypoallergenic property. Because we do NOT cast the metal (remember, it is milled from a solid disc), the titanium metal retains all of its health-positive qualities. Compared to chrome-cobalt cast partials, our titanium partial frames exhibit significantly less tissue inflammation and bone loss. Titanium partial denture is the best option for patients requiring biocompatible, hypoallergenic product.

Typical Work Time: 7-10 business days

50% OFF 1st Case

Limited Time Offer. $100 Max Value

Exclusively Made by Macro Dental Lab

Titanium Partial Denture

Titanium partial denture is 100% biocompatible and hypoallergenic. 

Partial Denture-0003-Transparent-2.png

The partial denture is masterfully set-up by Richard for a try-in. We then use high quality, 3-layer acrylic resin teeth and TCS injection system to finish our dentures.

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